Out of home living space but strap for cash for a new home or a major home renovation? Why not consider home extension? Home extensions need not to be expensive or an additional land plot. There are various types of home extensions that don’t mean you have to apply for a loan to handle the extension expenses. Some of these home extensions could also be a DIY project, as long as you are handy. But, hiring someone to do the works for you is also recommended since some of these home extension projects are easy and could be finished within a week.

1.    Kitchen Extension

A kitchen extension is easy if you have an outdoor space that you are not using. This outdoor space could be converted into your dirty kitchen where all the “heavy” cooking is done. The kitchen you have inside your home now could also be used as an extra space to entertain guests or to display the food you are serving for your visitors during a party since you are cooking in your outside, dirty kitchen. You would not need to spend that much for this type of home extension since you are merely moving some of your kitchen appliances and cooking tools to another space.

2.    Loft Extension

Just by having a loft could make all the difference on a home living space. If you want to have a home office but you don’t have the space for it, a loft bed could solve that problem for you. The space under your bed could be your home office or a reading nook or even as a small walk in closet. The possibilities are endless. And since you have taken advantage of the vertical space, you could now install shelves that are within your reach.

You could also have a loft installed on top of your living room for a library, if you have a massive collection of books that you want to proudly display. This library could also serve as your home office or another place to entertain guests. For loft inspirations, check home extensions south eastern suburbs for ideas on how you could properly maximize the space you have. ‘Loft’ extension could also be done in the garage. The upper section could be storage for your tools or another parking space especially if you have motorcycles, bicycles and other light vehicles.

3.    Deck Extension

If you don’t have any outdoor space, you could have a deck built easily. There are numerous contractors who specialize in building decks, no matter how small or big your outdoor space is. When you have this outdoor space, you could now have your own garden especially if the deck is receiving ample amount of sunlight daily. The deck could also be used as extra storage space, as party space or another venue for other recreational activities. You could use it for at home camping space or as an entertainment centre by having movie nights under the stars.

Even if these home extensions are minor, still be prepared to shell out cash. Not to worry though because these home extensions could seriously increase your home’s value should you decided to sell it in the future.