If you have just moved into your new house then here is a checklist you will have to go through:

A Good Living Area

Your living area needs a lot of attention because that’s the first thing you would see as soon as you enter the house. This is also the area where guests spend most of the time at. Keep your living area simple don’t add too many things otherwise it would look compact and small. If you want it to look spacious then opt for white paint or a white furniture and have bright lights. Another great way to make it look spacious is by adding a lot of mirrors. A living room is incomplete with a sofa set so make sure you invest on a good one which is the right size and is also of good quality. Do not compromise on the price here because the sofa needs to be comfortable. If you are into interior then you could play with the colours by going for a dark sofa set so it would contrast with the wall paint. However, make sure that the sofa colour goes with the colour of your curtains and the carpet.

Your Comfort Zone

For most of us our bedroom is our comfort zone where we spend most of our time in. It is important that it has all the necessary things we need. To begin with you need a bed which is comfortable because nobody likes backaches which comes with poor quality beds. You could add some colour here by having different kinds of cushions. Apart from this you will need to have bedside table where you could keep your phone and night lamp at. In the drawers you could have essentials such as first aid box and your bed time moisturizer.  Be experimental with the colours here and have your own personal touch. For example you could decorate the room with photo frames or draw your own wall art. If you have an attached toilet then make sure it has bathroom heater. This will prevent you from freezing when the weather is too cold. You should also invest on a study table where you could keep all your books and laptops.

A Good Laundry Room

Your laundry room is incomplete without washing machine accompanied with detergent powder and fabric softener. When you go for the grocery shopping make sure you invest on the value packs as they last longer and save money. Apart from this you could also fit in an iron table and a full length mirror so this will help you to check your outfit as you get ready. When choosing a laundry room go for the one which has an attached balcony as this will help you to dry the clothes but this isn’t necessary if you already have an electronic dryer.

Lastly, you need to have stock of all the essential items such as toilet papers, sanitary napkins and bandages. Apart from this you will need to have extra cushions and quilts which will be useful when you have guests over!

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