3d printers have become a ground breaking invention in so many ways and has been used in so many fields. It has become an accessible technology to the public that it provided us with better opportunities on manufacturing our ideas. Since its creation, 3d printers have been developed in order to make other products in an efficient manner. What I mean about this is that any person could avail a 3d printer and make the products that he wants without the need of buying big bulky machineries and rent out a warehouse in order to manufacture it.


Art is always evolving along with mankind, it evolves with whatever material that is available. The fusion of technology and art created a new form of artwork in the modern age. There are a lot of artists that are using 3d printer singapore  in order to craft their ideas and turn it into pieces of art. They are able to make their art using different materials that would be perfect to manifest their artistic thought, since then, artists are experimenting with new materials that can be used in 3d printers to produce their masterpieces.

Apparels and sneakers

The fashion industry is also a form of art that keeps up with the rising tide of man’s taste for clothing. In that sense, designers have began experimenting with this new tech to make futuristic clothes that will still be within the circle of appreciation of their customers. When I say futuristic, it does not necessarily mean that it should look like the ones we often see in movies, but rather futuristic in a sense of the process of crafting it. Sneakers have also entered the scene of fashion and 3d printing by incorporating that technology in their soles that are aimed to yield energy return which makes it more functional and comfortable than other shoes.


3d printing is a boundless technology, this became an opportune technology to furniture companies and even individuals to build a sofa, a chair, a table, or any type of equipment that can be seen in a living room. This became one of the ideal form of making furnitures because of how the product can be designed and add a touch of beauty without compromising functionality.


No, you can’t 3d print a whole infrastructure – yet. But architects and engineers are using these printers in order to create a better scale model of the infrastructure that they are going to build. By doing so, they are able to showcase to their clients the maximum capacity of detail that they could provide to them.

This technology, although not completely new, is one of the most innovative products that is available to anyone, anywhere. This then becomes the future of everything that we see when it comes to its mode of production. As people further develop this technology, there will be more products in the market that were made using a printer.

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