New color, new shades and new changes in a new year is certainly something to look forward. It is quite unexplainable sometimes as to how amazing a simple change in a place could affect your entire wellbeing and day to day life.

When that change mainly happens in your own room or home, there is much more influence that is has. So if you are on the whole “new year, new me” thing, giving your room a revamp would definitely help your cause and be a motivation to get you go going. So here are some tricks you ought to know to make this work.

Find inspiration

There are so many ideas all over the internet and magazines that you can use as color inspirations for you get going with your revamp. If you aren’t exactly the color expert that you think you might be or if you simply have no idea where to start off with it is always best to use previous work and guidelines from experts as a base to design your own space. Or you could always use painting services singapore with an expert and communicate with them the exact look you want to create and they’ll make it work!

Use the color wheel

Another amazing trick to find the right shade for your home is to use the color wheel. You don’t necessarily have to be the best designer or expert to know the shades to use in your room. Some aren’t even able to pair the right shades for their outfits. That is why this wheel is literally a life saver. Spin the wheel and pick a color and then you’ll find the perfect colors that go along with it on the opposite side of the chosen shade. Use that as a base to start off your shading!

Go neutral

If you aren’t exactly feeling courageous enough to try out bold and vibrant shades in and around your home or room, you can always get creative with the neutral shade. Who says neutral has to be boring! Introduce varying textures and patterns of the shade to different parts in the room and make the shade work. You can also use the several shades ranging from dark to light of the neutral color to design the place.

Use a print as a base

You don’t always have to break your head on the colors that could go right or wrong with your space. Instead you could simply use a pattern as a base to design the rest of the place in your home. for an example if you have a patterned wall paper of orange and white shades then you can use these two colors as a base to design the rest of the part in your home. Be it the curtaining, the lamp or even the comfy chair set in the corner!

Get creative with the colors and incorporate your personality in to everything to create more meaning and value!