With the centre piece in living rooms mainly considered the television unit, designing around can be a hassle with the main requirement being visibility to its maximum extent within the area. He design process avoiding the tv as the focal point requires to be completed with other aspects being highlighted in subtle manner.

With focus on assisting the decorative process, ideas have been extracted to enable creation of a functional and attractive living area to be enjoyed.

Wall Units & book shelves – Considered an easy process in incorporating a tv within a space is to buy TV console singapore or other country inclusive of a hutch or matching book shelving units. His idea is to create a cohesive look allowing extra storage options in displaying favourite accessories and books.

Entertainment consoles & chests 

  • Softened transition – Considering the softness of the window transition from tv to wall to window with repetition of black and white colour schemes is bound to tie the whole place in a unique design.
  • Lamps, rustic boxes and suited indoor plants work to soften the area around a console creating a cozy and inviting feel to a living room space.
  • Gallery wall options displaying favourite photographs or artwork mingling with the concept design is bound to be noticed while creating a unique feel.
  • Shelving works uniquely with stained wood ties and highlighting gallery walls in unison with a console.

Invisible concepts

Similar to barn door techniques, a standard door could be converted into a sliding model, with the television being invisible to suit the open and close process.

Above the fireplace

Considered a unique option, room layout and furniture placement are key aspects with two focal points unified to suit a living room. With artwork and fixtures utilized to cover the TV along with mirrors, placement and items within the space are required to create an ideal atmosphere.

Creation of rustic consoles or in built ideas are explored commonly within modern generations in creating unique living room spaces among other ideas.

With various unique ideas freely available online along with DIY methods, ensuring budgets are maintained and costs negotiated for each accessory planned to be included is advised by designers in being able to create an artistic living room to enjoy with family and friends. With each living room space  within homes being equally important, creating a charismatic look and feel within a space highlighted by unique furniture inclusions can be completed either through specialists or usage of own creativity to be experimented.