If for once you have come to decide that it’s time to have security cameras in your homes or offices. What can you really expect from this decision? You may point out that it can be for pure recording and surveillance of certain areas of the premises or a particular room. But many would know that it can do more than that. Indeed, it can perform tasks beyond recording monochromatic videos. So here are several of the best features you can possibly get out of security cameras for you to realize that you have the best value for your investment.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom

Still and motionless cameras are so in the yesteryears. With the advanced technology, our cameras can even do more range of motion, widening the scope that can be ween and covered by the lens. Although cameras are strategically positioned in a place, usually elevated to gain wider viewing angles, CCTVs that can pan, tilt, and zoom are the best way to go. It can turn around of up to 360 degrees, gather information on both sides, basically it widens the capabilities of your security as the camera scans and pans the place. You can even have a close up look on specific spots with the zoom option.


One great thing you can add for your security system Singapore? Video analytics! The technology has been so advanced now that cameras do not only gather information, but also deliver it to you! Most security cameras have motion sensors, which can detect any unusual movements within its scope then record it to be sent to your phone directly. Does that night noise outside bother you? Then the CCTV can take care of that. Talk about convenience and safety. It can even be connected with the zoom options of the camera. So if you want to investigate what’s causing the suspicious crashing at nights, allow your camera to automatically zoom in. Smart and neat, right?


You can feel safe that there are security cameras within your property, but who knew it can be this accessible? What if we told you that you can access your recordings remotely, even right at your fingertips! With many brands of security cams coming out of the market, who knew that they can connect to the internet already? You won’t have to worry about updating the storage on the drive of your camera, it can be uploaded on the internet. Which even gives you access even when you are on the go. Want surveillance cameras? Then go ahead and monitor the work habits of your staff even when you’re on leave.

There are more features that CCTV manufacturers add to the security equipment they make. Who knew that being secure can be this amazing and convenient?