Sportsmanship is a strong factor in one’s life. Not only it keeps the mind and body healthy, it also helps in many other aspects in one’s life. Students who excel in sports can get scholarships based on that and fame also will come to them. Among some unsavoury acts done by certain youngsters if one can be known for his or her capacity as a master soccer player or a basketball player, that is a fact to be very proud of.

 What are sports?

It is a common misconception to limit “sports” to things played outside. Although people recognize soccer, cricket, basketball, netball, ice hockey like team sports and squash, tennis, badminton like individual sports as prominent, there are many other activities which comes under this. It includes all forms of bodily action either in a friendly or a competitive manner aiming to use the physicalabilities of participants and if organized in a large scale, to provide entertainment to people who are watching. There is an argument regarding “sports” such as chess or checkers; such indoor games require high mental strength and capacity to strategize the outcome of the game. However in billiards, snooker like games bodily power is required at least to some extent as well as mental control. Meanwhile there are computer games or popular as “video games” which are not very physically challenging.


Issues of today

Although many youngsters still prefer to play an outdoor game or an indoor game which requires physical prowess, it is a noticed trend among many youths the trend towards computer games. Recently there were a few incidents which showed the world how dangerous these can be, when a few boys and girls committed suicide in an attempt to participate in one of these so-called games. This shows the world has lost the objective of “playing a game”; it is a sad situation as what we lose through this are the youth who are supposed to take over the world one day.

Parents influence

Whilst it has been seen many famous sportsmen influence their kids and hence their friends around them to play a game which they were good at, it is also seen that some parents fear for their kids’ safety while playing these games. However there are many medical solutions to injuries unless it is pretty serious damage. If you face a sports accident for example, and your nose was hurt, it can be easily set right via a rhinoplasty Singapore where you won’t have to spend so much. Also, kids need to run around and get hurt, or else, if they get hurt when they are older, it will affect their mentality in a worse way.

Being a sportsman, albeit a not-so-famous one, can help with your whole life. So make a decision today to the best.